When I was a child I had a butter cream yellow room with floral curtains. I felt afraid to be in the dark each night even though my room was brightly colored . My parents asked, ""Do you want Clownie turned on?" as they tucked me in. I always nodded, "Yes!" Clownie was a slip cast porcelain night light. I felt safe and warm with him around to look after me in the dark.  Beholding Clownie so many times as a child could be why I make lights today.


In 2011 I received my BA in Studio Art with a minor in Business at the University of Northwestern. As I integrate my life after collage graduation and formal training, I mature in my art practice. I notice intrigue often draws the most successful work from me. My craft and inner voice are continually becoming more refined, however I notice my favorite work lends itself to reflections of my inner self work and resolving experiences that involve intense emotion. I'm inspired by epiphanies I harvest from Nonviolent Communication, self attunement, my dreams and memories,  patterns that occur in nature, and the various and fickle qualities of the cone six slip cast clay.

Happily Nattily / Natalee Kay Stockdale / nataleekay@gmail.com /2017 © All Rights Reserved

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